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Membership Benefits:

When you are a member of Amazing Journey Healing you get you instant access to:

  • Access to Archived library of calls, videos and articles.
  • Access to download library with tools, exercises and more
  • 12 week Amazing Journey Healing Program
  • 3 monthly private 1:1 coaching
  • VIP email coaching
  • Monthly expert interviews
  • All archived scientific research articles dedicated to increasing your understanding of how these integrative principles work, inspiring you to successful healing.
  • A guided journal
  • And much more!

Benefits to Members:

  • Support (for when you can’t see your own situation objectively.)
  • Encouragement (sometimes when everyone            else thinks you’re nuts, you just need to hear someone say you can do it. Here at Amazing Journey Coaching, we know that everything is            possible!)
  • Inspiration (when belief is flagging and results are lagging, a little inspiration can help you get back on track.)
  • Body-Mind-Spirit Health Tips (we’re generous in sharing new habits, disciplines, practices, perspectives and thoughts that work to create vibrational alignment for health and wellness.)
  • Practices You Will Learn  About:
    Breathing Techniques
    The Power of Thought
    Stress Management
    Meditation, Mindfulness
    Music/Sound Therapy
    Chakra Balancing Techniques
    Writing Therapy
    Gratitude and Appreciation
    Food as Medicine
    Spring Forest Qigong
    EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
    Byron Katie’s “The WORK”
    Energy Therapies (Reiki, QiGong)
    Release Techniques (EFT, Ho Oponono, Trauma Release Exercises)
    The Science Behind It All!
    And More! (there are plenty of disciplines to learn and engage in your own self-healing practice – you will find the perfect fit for you!)
  • Coaching (an experienced, certified life coach to walk you through the processes, new habits,  disciplines, practices, perspectives and thoughts that work to create vibrational alignment for health and wellness)
  • Resources (For when you want to go deeper)
  • Education (step by step instructions for mastering the art of being well!)